About us

Whether it’s with a bunch of roses or a bunch of asparagus, we’re on a mission to brighten up-life!

Life for our small, family-run business has changed quite a bit since we celebrated our 20th birthday as South West London’s favourite florist back in November. When the coronavirus pandemic closed our doors, we flexed our creative muscles and adapted to survive – and even now, as we’ve re-opened our doors to welcome you back, we’re still enjoying our ‘fresh’ routine.

When lock-down started at the end of March 2020, even though supermarket shelves were empty, Covent Garden market was stacked to the rafters with beautiful, seasonal fruit and veg – there just weren’t enough people to distribute it. I had a fleet of delivery vans sitting idle, so why not put them to use? Flowers and veg have a lot in common (think supply chain and shelf life), but my instincts were more deep-rooted that that.

Before he was a florist, my dad was a greengrocer. We had a little greengrocer’s shop when I was growing up, but back in the 70’s he was a fresh produce buyer for Waitrose, responsible for introducing the first avocados and radicchio to UK supermarket shelves. Veg was a big part of our lives before flowers, so this felt like familiar territory.

Gardenia Fresh was born extremely quickly – from virtually nothing to a fully functioning delivery business almost overnight. We started on our kitchen table but have since moved to a much more efficient system, meaning we can now scale up and you can subscribe to a regular, weekly delivery.

The feedback and support so far have been phenomenal and has enabled us to expand our range. We’re loving it more than we could have imagined, the scents and colours bring us as much joy as our beloved flowers do.


Where it all began... my mum, pregnant with me, at our family's greengrocer's shop in 1978.